SOI Handbag/Purse Light with Automatic Sensor Review

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I had the chance to host a “What’s in Your Purse? Party” thanks to Tryazon and SOI, with the collaboration of Whoosh! and some great eye pads from a brand called Amirose.

If you, like me, have trouble finding things in your purse, at night but also during the day as some bags can be big and for some reason they seems “eating” anything you put in it, then SOI may be a product you will find really interesting.

It was invented by two college guys who, during a concert, noticed how women started to go crazy while looking for things in their purses…ok maybe not crazy, I added that as I know I do look crazy and frustrated when I search for 20 minutes for something in my purse before ending up getting everything out of my purse to find what I was looking for!

There is a nice video on Youtube (CLICK HERE!) that show how does it works, but is really quite simple and intuitive: the SOI has an automatic sensor so that when you open your purse and dig in your purse, the light turns on and you can clearly see what’s in it and easily find anything you are looking for. It can actually have other uses, like a bathroom light for example, but I’ve been using it for a week now and I really like it’s purpose as a purse light.

It’s available on AMAZON (CLICK HERE!) at a discounted price and with a 2 days free shipping if you have Prime, but watch out as it keep going on out of stock so if you see it, just get it: it has over 60 reviews and most of them are 5 stars.

I was lucky enough to get one for free to review and give one away during the party I did in my house (Nicole…you are welcome :D), and of course that was a great excuse to order pizza and eat brownies !

Do you have trouble finding things in your purse? Do you own or know someone who own a SOI light? What do you think about it? Feel free to let me know in your comments and check the pics I took at the party, posted on our Facebook page (CLICK HERE!)


AdoramaPix Hexagon Metal Print Review: Top Notch Quality

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You may have already read my article about the AdormaPix Coupon Code to get 25% off on the Hexagon Metal Prints (if not CLICK HERE!) and well I got the chance to actually review one of them, size 9.5″ x 11″. I choose one of my daughter pics from a phototshoot done by a very talented friend of mine, so that the quality of the pic was a good one to be printed that size.
I had few questions before ordering and so I contacted their support and they were nice and answered pretty fast as well. The website is very user friendly: there are few categories in the top menu and when you go over it with the mouse, it will open the different options for each category, or you can just click on the main category to go to a page with all the options as well.
The Hexagon Metal prints can be found under the category WALL DECOR. They actually have so many shapes and sizes, from very small, 8″ x 8″, to medium and big size, 36″ x 36″ and 30″ x 40″. Among the shapes, they also have a heart one that will definitely be the next one I’ll order as soon as I can get a decent family picture 😀

Metal prints are more durable than regular print and the photo is infused directly into the metal print, which means it’s also gonna be waterproof, scratch-resistant, dry-erasable and easy to clean.
AdoramaPix offers also different customization options: no fixture, easel, magnet, floating mount or pedestal display; glossy white, white satin, glossy silver and silver satin finish.
I choose the easel and glossy white options.

Packing was really good and complete with EVERYTHING I needed (see the gallery pics below). Quality really left me speechless: I love regular prints but this is really top notch quality and is also a great gift idea (grandma you know what you will get for Christmas!), its really thin and light.
I took few pics, but really I think the pictures don’t make enough justice to quality of the print. I hope you will enjoy them and let me know what you think about them if you will order them and don’t forget to use the Coupon Code PXHEXMTL25 at the checkout to save 25% (expires June 15 2016).

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25% off AdoramaPix Hexagon Metal Prints

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AdoramaPix is an awesome website that helps people turn their digital photographs, from abstract computer files, into amazing keepsakes designed to last a lifetime.
Their contemporary metal prints capture memories in rich colors and vibrant details. Because your images are infused right into the metal, and not painted on the surface, their metal prints are extremely durable.
Not only will your metal image be water and weather proof, but scratch resistant as well.
You can even clean it with glass cleaner. Your memories deserve to live in true, archival luxury with AdoramaPix metal prints.

You can find all the fun gift ideas HERE:

I’ll be ordering an hexagon metal print this week, will update you as soon as I get it with a full review :)

If in the meantime you want to order the Hexagon Metal Prints and save 25% off, use the promo code: PXHEXMTL25 at the checkout and feel free to share it with your family and friends (expires June 15 2016)


LimitStyle Lightning Saver (Red 4-Pack) Review

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iPhone cables are bad. No matter if you buy them Apple branded or any other brand. They always end up breaking them and this cheap product can actually save you tons of money as really prevent the cable from breaking. I don’t understand why nobody just make better cables, but until someone actually do, this will do!
May take a while to arrive as when I ordered, there was no prime option, so it took longer than 2 days, but beside that the product works and is easy to put it on the cable and to take it off. Save money! If you own an iPhone or iPad and have troubles with the cables breaking often, check this LimitStyle Lightning Saver, click here to buy or read more reviews.

I got this product for a discounted price for my honest review. #LightningSaver

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Country Crock: Churn Style Review Influenster Voxbox

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I got selected to receive for FREE (for testing purpose) the Influenster VoxBox of Country Crock, and I received Churn Style variety.

I really enjoyed receiving this product, as I love to cook and I really used it to make many meals and snacks. It has a rich taste, and I like it even on plain toasted bread. Sometimes I add some marmalade on top (berries is my favorite!).

It tasted great on top of some baked sweet potatoes and the cod I cooked with it and some herbs, tasted delicious. No need to add salt, but you can always add herbs like I did and even some spices.



I used the Country Crock: Churn Style, also to cook a thin steak and some smashed potatoes. Everything was very tasty, fast and easy to make. Quick meal.



When we occasionally decide to go BIG, we cook some crazy good stuff like the stuffed burger (swiss cheese and onion) wrapped in bacon and cooked in some Country Crock: Churn Style



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FREE Swimming Fish Bath Toy + Free Shipping!

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Click here to get a FREE Swimming Fish Bath Toy + Free Shipping!

When you add the Swimming Fish Bath Toy to your cart, you’ll see a green popup asking you to share on Facebook – once you do this, you’ll see a discount code you can apply at checkout to make this completely Free – no credit card information required!

After you share, just put the mouse over the “share to see code” and it should appear, then copy and paste it at the checkout, and the total will be $0! Add shipping address and will say credit card not required.


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Amazon Prime Video 30-Day Free Trial! Awesome Freebies

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free amazon prime

If you don’t have Amazon Prime yet, you can get it FREE for 30 days.

Enjoy the 2 days free shipping, the free movies and series tv, the free monthly ebook for prime members, shareable content between family members account (I share it with my husband), exclusive deals, coupons and more.
You get only 30 days and then if you want to keep it, you pay a membership for a year. Or else you cancel. I shop on Amazon all the time, and I like movies and series tv, so I couldnt live without it!

CLICK HERE to sign up for Amazon Prime Video 30-Day Free Trial

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Altra Furniture TV Stand: 80% off! Amazing deal!

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Happy Black Friday! I hope you had an amazing shopping day like me :)
Among all the deals we grabbed today, we also bought a 55′ TV and we were looking for a TV stand but didn’t find any good offer in store, however we found an AMAZING deal on a TV Stand available in 3 different colors which is stated to be good for TV up to 50′ but reading few people reviews, they are using with a 55′ with no issues at all.
Since it’s a hell of a deal I want to share it with you before it actually sell out!
Original price is $227-280 (there are 3 different colors as I said so the price difference depend from the color you choose) and is now available for just $49-59 with over 1800 reviews where 80% are 4 and 5 stars!

I bought the Sonoma Oak model, the others available are Espresso and Cherry/Black. On top of a great price, you will also get FREE Shipping and delivery in just 4-5 days if you have Amazon Prime!



FREE full size Deodorant: Axe, Dove, Degree

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CLICK HERE, scroll down the page and watch the video and once it finish, you will be able to click on the REQUEST SAMPLE button. Fill the form with your info and select the deodorant you would like to get for FREE!

There are few different brands and kind available, both for men and women and will be full size!
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Silicone Bibs from Baby Go-Green

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If you have a baby like mine that just can’t avoid making a huge mess anytime she eat something, this silicone bib are a great choice!
She still make a huge mess but if she spit the food, it get caught by the bib instead of falling on her knees or clothes, and it really take less than a minute to just clean the bib. Maybe for younger baby, a cotton bib is still the preferred one to use, but for toddlers I think this is a better choice that will avoid you to do laundry just to clean all the dirty bibs. It’s pretty big so cover her shirt as well, so even that is safe from all the mess she does with the food!

CLICK HERE to read more reviews or buy the Premium Silicone Bib (2 Pack) – Soft & Comfortable High Quality Design for Babies and Toddlers – Deep Pocket Food and Crumb Catcher – BPA Free and FDA Approved Bibs

I purchased this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review.