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FREE: Michael Kors Scented 24K Brilliant Gold Fragrance Tattoo

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Get a Free Michael Kors Scented 24K Brilliant Gold Fragrance Tattoo!!

Just CLICK HERE and wait a bit until the page load (it took me a bit at first!), scroll down to the middle of the page to see the form and fill that out with your info.
You will get a message that says:
If you were one of the first to enter, you can look
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That should mean you got it!

PS. this is open to Canadian as well! Enjoy and share with your friends


LED Flashlight Koozie Beverage Cooler Review

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what the package included

Who likes warm beer? That’s right, no one! Then this Koozie cooler set is for you!

This cooler does a decent job of keeping the beer cool, but the reason I really like it is that my hand doesn’t get cold holding the beer.

On getting the package I opened it up and there’s a small pouch closed with strings, I thought ‘oh neat, a carrying case’. I looked inside and first thing that falls out was a led flashlight. The end of it looks funny, but it’s actually a bottle opener!
Next two were these little cozies, one for a beer bottle and the other for small/thin cans like a redbull.

First, both the big cozy and the led came with charged batteries and ready to go. It did take a few seconds to figure out how to turn on the lights on the cozy, as honestly we missed the button even if clearly says “On/Off”, and once we did and turned it on, it was a little show in my bottle. It flips through 3 different lights and the bottle really shows the light and is a neat effect.

All in all, its a neat little package of things that look pretty and are useful too. So I would recommend this to anyone who doesn’t drink their beer fast enough, I mean who like cold beer :)

I purchased this product for a discount price for my honest review, click HERE if you want to check it out and check my youtube video below for a preview of what you will get!