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Amazon Prime Video 30-Day Free Trial! Awesome Freebies

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free amazon prime

If you don’t have Amazon Prime yet, you can get it FREE for 30 days.

Enjoy the 2 days free shipping, the free movies and series tv, the free monthly ebook for prime members, shareable content between family members account (I share it with my husband), exclusive deals, coupons and more.
You get only 30 days and then if you want to keep it, you pay a membership for a year. Or else you cancel. I shop on Amazon all the time, and I like movies and series tv, so I couldnt live without it!

CLICK HERE to sign up for Amazon Prime Video 30-Day Free Trial

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Altra Furniture TV Stand: 80% off! Amazing deal!

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Happy Black Friday! I hope you had an amazing shopping day like me :)
Among all the deals we grabbed today, we also bought a 55′ TV and we were looking for a TV stand but didn’t find any good offer in store, however we found an AMAZING deal on a TV Stand available in 3 different colors which is stated to be good for TV up to 50′ but reading few people reviews, they are using with a 55′ with no issues at all.
Since it’s a hell of a deal I want to share it with you before it actually sell out!
Original price is $227-280 (there are 3 different colors as I said so the price difference depend from the color you choose) and is now available for just $49-59 with over 1800 reviews where 80% are 4 and 5 stars!

I bought the Sonoma Oak model, the others available are Espresso and Cherry/Black. On top of a great price, you will also get FREE Shipping and delivery in just 4-5 days if you have Amazon Prime!


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Deals Baby Deluxe Safety Nail Clipper

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I always find it difficult to cut my 1 year old nails, so I grabbed a deal on the Baby Comfy Care Deluxe Safety Nail Clipper! Cant wait to try and let you know how I like it 😀
Great price right now at Amazon, great reviews, and FREE SHIPPING with Amazon Prime 😉

Here few info About the Product, CLICK HERE TO SEE IT ON AMAZON

WHEN YOU USE the Baby Comfy Safety Clipper you will find that the feel and action are different than the standard nail clippers that you are used to. Remember, there is only one blade so we recommend starting with nibbles of nail and working up to larger nail portions to find what works best for you. Once you get familiar with Baby Comfy Nail you’ll agree with the thousands of parents who already know that this is a better way to cut baby’s nails.
PATENTED SINGLE-BLADE TECHNOLOGY won’t cut baby’s skin; This is the first nail clipper designed to prevent baby’s skin from getting cut; Unique nail clipper design.
THE BOTTOM SMOOTH LEDGE holds baby’s fingertip skin safely back so only the nail gets cut, not the skin.
PROTECTS FROM CUTTING TOO CLOSELY TO THE SENSITIVE NAIL BED; The bottom ledge extends slightly so you can’t cut too closely to the sensitive nail bed. Trim Tearlessly.
LARGER THAN STANDARD CLIPPERS BY DESIGN so it’s easier to hold and operate


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Amazon Deal: White Liquid Chalk Pens

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AMAZON DEAL: *1 DAY SALE* WHITE LIQUID CHALK PENS by Best.Chalk.EVER – Chalk Ink Eraser Included – Use On Non Porous Restaurant Menu Board, Glass, Whiteboard, Chalkboards, Blackboard – Great Chalk Markers Ink Wet Wipe Pens For Kids Teachers & Artist -4.5mm Reversible Tip – 4 pack

Just got some for my daughter as we have a chalk table, but the dust they make is a bit annoying in the house, I think this will be a valid alternative to the traditional chalks! Will update you when we receive them and try!

Keep reading below some specifications, then Click HERE if you want to check this deal!

★BEST CHALK MARKERS EVER–GUARANTEED: Hassle-free return and replace policy, no questions asked! BUY NOW WITH CONFIDENCE!
★NON TOXIC & INCREDIBLY VERSATILE: Use on chalk labels, blackboards, menu boards, signs, plastic, glass & more ♦ Won’t create messy hands or surroundings.
★ HIGH-CONTRAST PROFESSIONAL COLOR: Perfect for Businesses, Classrooms, Art Projects, and more! ♦ Chalk markers are dust free and show up brighter than chalk sticks
★UNIQUE REVERSIBLE TIP: Eliminates the need to purchase multiple markers of varying sizes ♦ Use the bullet tip for broad strokes, or flip the tip and use the chisel point for finer detailed writing!
★ERASER INCLUDED: Add water to included eraser to help remove ghosting and stubborn markings ♦ NO MORE UNWANTED STAINS!