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LimitStyle Lightning Saver (Red 4-Pack) Review

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iPhone cables are bad. No matter if you buy them Apple branded or any other brand. They always end up breaking them and this cheap product can actually save you tons of money as really prevent the cable from breaking. I don’t understand why nobody just make better cables, but until someone actually do, this will do!
May take a while to arrive as when I ordered, there was no prime option, so it took longer than 2 days, but beside that the product works and is easy to put it on the cable and to take it off. Save money! If you own an iPhone or iPad and have troubles with the cables breaking often, check this LimitStyle Lightning Saver, click here to buy or read more reviews.

I got this product for a discounted price for my honest review. #LightningSaver


Silicone Bibs from Baby Go-Green

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If you have a baby like mine that just can’t avoid making a huge mess anytime she eat something, this silicone bib are a great choice!
She still make a huge mess but if she spit the food, it get caught by the bib instead of falling on her knees or clothes, and it really take less than a minute to just clean the bib. Maybe for younger baby, a cotton bib is still the preferred one to use, but for toddlers I think this is a better choice that will avoid you to do laundry just to clean all the dirty bibs. It’s pretty big so cover her shirt as well, so even that is safe from all the mess she does with the food!

CLICK HERE to read more reviews or buy the Premium Silicone Bib (2 Pack) – Soft & Comfortable High Quality Design for Babies and Toddlers – Deep Pocket Food and Crumb Catcher – BPA Free and FDA Approved Bibs

I purchased this product at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review.


LED Flashlight Koozie Beverage Cooler Review

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what the package included

Who likes warm beer? That’s right, no one! Then this Koozie cooler set is for you!

This cooler does a decent job of keeping the beer cool, but the reason I really like it is that my hand doesn’t get cold holding the beer.

On getting the package I opened it up and there’s a small pouch closed with strings, I thought ‘oh neat, a carrying case’. I looked inside and first thing that falls out was a led flashlight. The end of it looks funny, but it’s actually a bottle opener!
Next two were these little cozies, one for a beer bottle and the other for small/thin cans like a redbull.

First, both the big cozy and the led came with charged batteries and ready to go. It did take a few seconds to figure out how to turn on the lights on the cozy, as honestly we missed the button even if clearly says “On/Off”, and once we did and turned it on, it was a little show in my bottle. It flips through 3 different lights and the bottle really shows the light and is a neat effect.

All in all, its a neat little package of things that look pretty and are useful too. So I would recommend this to anyone who doesn’t drink their beer fast enough, I mean who like cold beer :)

I purchased this product for a discount price for my honest review, click HERE if you want to check it out and check my youtube video below for a preview of what you will get!


Limebaby Baby Bandana Drool Bibs with Adjustable Snaps Review

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limebaby bandana bibs

First of all let me start saying that this seller is not great but amazing: I received an email just few hours after I ordered, where the seller thanked me for the order and made himself available for any kind of issue; I then received another email after few days checking if was everything ok and to know if I was somehow unhappy with the product and if he could be of any help.
Not many sellers do this, especially when I even got the products for free in exchange of my honest review; this show me that the seller really care of client satisfaction and not just a bunch of votes or review online.

Now let’s talk about this bandana bibs: package got here in time and was in great condition.
The quality of this product brought me back to Europe for a minute (sorry Americans if I say this but clothes quality isn’t always that great around here unless you spend tons for the product): they are incredibly soft, double layer (don’t trust the guy who said they are thin as they are not!), and absorb great even when my daughter drink and spit out water for fun -.-‘

The size can be adjusted, but if you have small babies I think they would still fit too large, probably 6m and up even if of course it depends mostly from your baby size more than age as I saw few reviews of younger babies using them with no problem.

The design are soooo cute and I think my daughter thinks they are a fashion accessory because she doesn’t try to take them off like she usually does (reason why I often didn’t even bother using a bib).
I really hope this brand will make more design and products and for those still debating if buying them or not consider the following:
– 100% money back in case you won’t like them
– cheaper than other brands (just went to target 2 days ago and the cheapest one I saw were around $8 for 1)

I hope you will enjoy and like them as much as we do, feel free to ask questions or share your opinion about them, and if you didn’t try them yet but you would like to, CLICK HERE to get them on Amazon for less!