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Altra Furniture TV Stand: 80% off! Amazing deal!

Happy Black Friday! I hope you had an amazing shopping day like me 🙂
Among all the deals we grabbed today, we also bought a 55′ TV and we were looking for a TV stand but didn’t find any good offer in store, however we found an AMAZING deal on a TV Stand available in 3 different colors which is stated to be good for TV up to 50′ but reading few people reviews, they are using with a 55′ with no issues at all.
Since it’s a hell of a deal I want to share it with you before it actually sell out!
Original price is $227-280 (there are 3 different colors as I said so the price difference depend from the color you choose) and is now available for just $49-59 with over 1800 reviews where 80% are 4 and 5 stars!

I bought the Sonoma Oak model, the others available are Espresso and Cherry/Black. On top of a great price, you will also get FREE Shipping and delivery in just 4-5 days if you have Amazon Prime!


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