Punky 3in1 Color Depositing Shampoo Conditioner Purpledacious Results

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Two months ago I decided I wanted to color my hair again, but being really a dark color, and not wanting to reduce them to dust with chemicals, and being hard to schedule an appointment with a good hair stylist during this crazy 2020, I decided to take the matter in my own hand and tried few things.

So one afternoon I walked into Sally’s Beauty and I purchased few products recommended to me by the lady working there. The color was supposed to be a purple and pink mesh up but turned out to be a reddish that faded away after only few showers. I was a bit disappointed and I didn’t like the color my hair were so I started to do a bit of research, I talked to few friends and ended up stumbling upon the Punky Color color depositing shampoo and conditioner 3 in 1!

With the luck I had in the past with products supposedly stronger than this one, I didn’t really have much hope, however for $12ish I told myself it was worth a try. The reviews were pretty good for people with hair similar to mine, and they had a good selections of colors so I went ahead and ordered the Purpledacious!

Punky color 3 in 1 shampoo conditioner


Now it’s important to spend a few words on explaining how a product like Punky Colour works, as it’s a 3 in 1 shampoo, conditioner and color that the more you use it, the more intense will be the color of your hair. Of course the lighter your hair are, the more the color will be vibrant and lighter, but you can use it for few days if you want them darker and faster! I suggest to enjoy every phase of the color between a use and the other, and keep them few days even if the color is lighter (unless you truly hate it!). Since it is also a shampoo, it will clean your hair but you can always use your regular shampoo right after washing this off; and because it also is a conditioner, you’ll notice that your hair will feel really soft, like you just got a hair mask!

This is due to the great quality ingredients that go over the usual ones you find in permanent and other semi permanent treatments, like Shea Butter and Vitamin B. My hair were a bit damaged from the bleach treatment and thanks to this product they got much better! The smell of the product is AMAZING! 

Punky color depositing purple review

In the picture above a close up of how nice and dark the purple color look after only few uses. I dressed up as witch for Halloween and my hairstyle and color was on point! I used it on average once per week, I have very long hair, and I still have 1-3 uses left in the bottle.

Two days ago I got the idea of ordering a different color so soon I’ll be trying the Bluemania and share about that too, so keep following the blog and my socials for updates!

Click here to purchase this product on Amazon!

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