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Toddler Kids fun educational activities: Bags Ring Toss Game


When the warmer days of May arrived here in WA, I purchased few toys to use outside with my daughters of 2 and 6 years old. Among these, there was a set of bags ring toss game that we still use today, mostly indoor due to the weather, with my 2 years old as educational toy for toddlers; while my 6 years old was the one loving it the most when playing outside with other older kids. It is a game mostly used as a family and party game, but can turn also in a educational toy for toddlers 2 years old and older.

educational toys for toddlers


The game is pretty easy: there are 8 rings and 8 bags, 2 of each color red, blue, green and yellow; in the ideal game, the rings will be positioned on the floor with no particular order, and then two players will each have a bag of each color and will try to toss them in the ring of the same color (red bag in the red ring, green bag in the green ring, and so on). When more kids are playing, we usually change the rules a bit to let anyone throw at least one bag every game and of course cheer on, laugh and have fun no matter what. What I like of this set is that the size is perfect for toddler hands! Some of the reviews on Amazon complained about the size, but its clearly written in the product description, and in my opinion is actually great. 

educational toys for toddlers age 2

When I purchased this set I think Chloe was too young to actually be interested in following the rules, and she was just either throwing the bags wherever, or just getting super close just to drop it in and doing it “right”, the challenge was boring her. However lately she decided she wanted to play again and she has shown more patience in listening the rules and less frustration when not getting it right the first try. Through play she learns as she repeats the colors names, she associate the bags and rings colors, she works on her motor skills as she throws the bags and creative play as she comes up with other ways to play with the rings and bags!


educational toys for toddlers over 2

One of her favorite ways to play with the rings, beside the way they were intended to in this set, is to wear them as bracelets and then swing them around her arm. That is actually a pretty good exercise adults can do too using a hola hoop, and so you could make it a nice workout together! She also likes to place them straight and let roll on the floor until they fall and we laugh and make sounds. And of course swinging them and tossing them as part of the game preparation.

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While older kids might be able to enjoy this game more as a party and family game, like we do too, I think this is also a fun activity to have with your toddlers, to practice or develop some skills age appropriate. BUT don’t be frustrated if you child wont be interested, as I wrote above Chloe wasn’t either until few weeks ago but things change, so is worth keep bringing it up every now and then. And it can always be something you can keep for parties, family gatherings, to bring along at the park or the beach hoping to make new friends that will join you in a match! 


Remember to always supervise your children while playing with this set as the bags are not indestructible and can’t be considered safe for young kids to play with it alone! If you played this fun game before with your friends or your kids, let us know in the comments!

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