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FREE: Michael Kors Scented 24K Brilliant Gold Fragrance Tattoo

Get a Free Michael Kors Scented 24K Brilliant Gold Fragrance Tattoo!!

Just CLICK HERE and wait a bit until the page load (it took me a bit at first!), scroll down to the middle of the page to see the form and fill that out with your info.
You will get a message that says:
If you were one of the first to enter, you can look
forward to receiving your Michael Kors Scented 24K Brilliant Gold Tattoo
in 3-4 weeks. When you do, be sure to #FLASHYOURGOLD
by sharing a picture of yourself, tagged with @MichaelKors

That should mean you got it!

PS. this is open to Canadian as well! Enjoy and share with your friends

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