Need a New Laundry Basket on Wheels? Check my honest review and showcase

Laundry basket with wheels

Since we moved to WA last year, the list of things we need to buy or replace has definitely shrank! One of the latest things we crossed from that list was laundry baskets, as we finally replaced the old “3 baskets in 1” with flimsy attachment that we had for a while, with a laundry storage hamper with handles. Since multiple friends told me they were looking for a good one and we are definitely pretty happy with our new ones, I decided to make a brief video review that at first I shared only on our Facebook page, but then I thought could be the perfect post to bring back to life this blog, after many years of not updating too busy with work and motherhood! Now I finally enjoy writing again, and sometimes social networks are a bit limited, while a blog seems a more fitting form of media! 

Below you can find the video review I made. I speed up the video so that wont be too long and boring to watch (I hope!). I apologize for the accent, and I hope you’ll still be able to understand it. For those who can’t understand or hear it or prefer reading, keep scrolling after the video!

The homyfort dirty clothes basket bins organizers are found on Amazon for $23.99 full price at the time of this post (I saw it on sale at $19.99 once as well). As laundry basket its pretty sturdy, has not only wheels but also handles on the sides which are super helpful when you have to carry the laundry bin up and down the stairs. From the video you can see that its really easy to put together, and will hardly take more than few minutes! 

The canvas fabric is lightweight but sturdy at the same time, and also waterproof; the colors available are white and blue. It has side pockets that are really helpful to put small items you want to keep separate: I usually put the smaller laundry bags that I use to keep socks, bra and underwear separate from the rest since they tend to get “lost” in the washing machine if I don’t do that! 

On the top there is a string that you can close to avoid clothes falling off it, if the laundry basket is too full. The measurements of it fully open is 20″ x 15″ x 13″ and can be stored taking very little space as you can notice from the package it arrived in. 

I hope you will consider this product if you are looking for a laundry basket, or if you already did or have another one you would like to suggest, use the comment section to let us know!

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