Primed4U Novelty Series Bluetooth Wireless Headset Review

I received the Primed4U Novelty Series Bluetooth Wireless Headset at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review and if you have been reading few of my past reviews, you know that giving me a product for free or at a discount, doesn’t mean I’m gonna leave a positive review…and this is one of those cases!

Overall I’m satisfied with these Bluetooth headphones because they offer the freedom from having your ears tied to your phone with a cable and allow simple commands to be used from the headset itself, but the cons I listed below, are kinda a deal breaker for those who buy them to use them to actually make calls. I honestly use them only to listen to music or when watching series TV/movies, and for this purpose they are great. I tried however to make a phone call and a Skype call and my friends couldn’t hear me very well.

Here a recap of my PROs and CONs about this product

-Controls: I love this part of these. Phone in pocket and I can change volume, next and previous songs, mute and accepting calls with out pulling out my phone. There’s even a computer voice that tells you what’s going on like ‘The next song’ and such.
-Micro usb charging cable: More and more have gone to this but still good to know you can use one of your multitude of cables aready to charge it.
-Battery life: Charges to full really fast and lasts up to 6 hrs on a charge and days if you’re not using them.
-Fitment: They fit in nicely and don’t come loose. They also come with different ends if the stock ones don’t fit your ears.
-Audio quality: Better than what earbuds usually come with phones but won’t compete with more expensive wired headphones.

– Call quality: You may here the caller fine but since the mic is in the earbud itself, they may have trouble hearing you.
– Build quality: Harder plastic is ok but the multifunction button feels very cheap and I don’t know how long it might last.
– Kind of minor but they stick out from your ears a decent amount but it doesn’t affect it staying in your ear at all.

Conclusion: they are my preferred headphones for when I use the treadmill but if I have to make a call, I still prefer my other ones that have a mic closer to my mouth, so 3 stars because the product is nice, as well as the design and the colors available, but I wouldn’t really suggest it to those that want a headphones set to make calls.

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