SOI Handbag/Purse Light with Automatic Sensor Review

I had the chance to host a “What’s in Your Purse? Party” thanks to Tryazon and SOI, with the collaboration of Whoosh! and some great eye pads from a brand called Amirose.

If you, like me, have trouble finding things in your purse, at night but also during the day as some bags can be big and for some reason they seems “eating” anything you put in it, then SOI may be a product you will find really interesting.

It was invented by two college guys who, during a concert, noticed how women started to go crazy while looking for things in their purses…ok maybe not crazy, I added that as I know I do look crazy and frustrated when I search for 20 minutes for something in my purse before ending up getting everything out of my purse to find what I was looking for!

There is a nice video on Youtube (CLICK HERE!) that show how does it works, but is really quite simple and intuitive: the SOI has an automatic sensor so that when you open your purse and dig in your purse, the light turns on and you can clearly see what’s in it and easily find anything you are looking for. It can actually have other uses, like a bathroom light for example, but I’ve been using it for a week now and I really like it’s purpose as a purse light.

It’s available on AMAZON (CLICK HERE!) at a discounted price and with a 2 days free shipping if you have Prime, but watch out as it keep going on out of stock so if you see it, just get it: it has over 60 reviews and most of them are 5 stars.

I was lucky enough to get one for free to review and give one away during the party I did in my house (Nicole…you are welcome :D), and of course that was a great excuse to order pizza and eat brownies !

Do you have trouble finding things in your purse? Do you own or know someone who own a SOI light? What do you think about it? Feel free to let me know in your comments and check the pics I took at the party, posted on our Facebook page (CLICK HERE!)

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