TempoScan® Infrared Thermometer for Body and Surface Review

I got the chance to buy the TempoScan® Non-contact High Accuracy Infrared Thermometer for Body and Surface from Orksun, for a discounted price in exchange for my honest review and I was really curious about it even if I didn’t really expect it to be a quality product.

If wasn’t for the discount, I wouldn’t probably buy such product online, for the fear of it being some cheap made in China product; something you can’t really tell just from looking at pictures online.
Luckily the product was all the opposite of what I though: nice box, solid product, detailed instructions manual, mini bag and even the batteries included!

I am a big fan of Star Trek and I was so excited to try it so I could feel like one of the Star Trek doctors for a minute and start scanning things around!
* WATCH OUT!! You may get addicted and start checking the temperature of your meals, yourself, and basically everything around you just for fun!

Unluckily I had the chance to test it on real fever: I was feeling crappy and the Orkut temposcan confirmed my 38.5…yeah I’m european and just love that I don’t need to convert to Celsius on Google anymore to understand if I have a fever, but for the Americans who don’t like Celsius, you can switch easily, just follow the easy instructions that come with the product, don’t just press tons of buttons hoping will change 😀

If you want to read more review about this product, or if you want to purchase it, CLICK HERE!

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