Valentina Paris Beautiful Hand Painted Wine Glasses Review

I had the luck to purchase the Valentina Paris Hand Painted Wine Glasses set of 2, at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review, and trust me when I say that if you love stylish kitchenware, and wine of course, this set is a MUST in your kitchen!

First of all, the package arrived very well wrapped, so if you should get a broken one it would be really bad luck as they are packaged with extra care, and if you do get unlucky, just contact the seller or Amazon and they will surely send you a new set.

The wine glasses are bigger than the usual, and someone actually listed that as a CON on a review…I’m still trying to figure it out how that can be CON, as I believe that more wine = more awesome!
The feature I like the most is of course the beautiful hand painted design as it makes each individual wine glass unique, even if the colors and lines may match and be the same in every glass, I think that when you hand paint something, no piece is really exactly the same.

The colors seems too light to be caught on camera (at least with iPhone camera), but they are mostly blue, red, yellow, gold. Luckily on Amazon there are pictures taken by PRO and you can get a better idea of what they look like in person.

They make a great gift for pretty much anybody as even if you aren’t much of a drinker, they make a cool display in the house; I think they can be considerate a decorative glass as well (you can fill them with rocks or marbles and a tea candle or water and a tea candle to make a romantic atmosphere.

Remember to hand wash them to avoid ruining the design. I hand washed them few times until now and no issue with the design at all.

To check more reviews about this beautiful set, or to purchase it, CLICK HERE!

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