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Matchimal: Exciting and Educational Matching Animal Puzzle

When few weeks ago I was contacted by Everyday Educational about the chance to test their new educational games for kids and toddlers, I happily said yes as both my daughters are big fans of such type of games. On top of that, they also get bored easily, so the more games I can have to help them stay away from the tv, the better ...

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Fav product review: Headband with wireless headphones!

And I'm back with another great product finding and review: headband with wireless headphones! Few months ago I started doing meditation at night in bed before going to sleep, however I was having the recurrent issue of falling asleep during the meditation and losing my regular or Bluetooth headphones. Many times I would wake up with marks on my body caused by sleeping on top ...

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Quality Flower Garden Building Toy for toddlers and kids

For this past Christmas, my dear Chloe received as a present a pretty cool educational STEM game: a Flower Garden Building toy from our awesome family friend Simona, that we love very much for always being so thoughtful and present in our lives even if unfortunately we live a bunch of states away. Since we received the toy, the kids have been asking to play ...

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Best Laundry Basket on Wheels? Check this video & review!

Since we moved to WA last year, the list of things we need to buy or replace has definitely shrank! One of the latest things we crossed from that list was laundry basket on wheels, as we finally replaced the old "3 baskets in 1" with flimsy attachment that we had for a while, with a laundry storage hamper with handles. Since multiple friends told ...

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Country Crock: Churn Style Review Influenster Voxbox

I got selected to receive for FREE (for testing purpose) the Influenster VoxBox of Country Crock, and I received Churn Style variety. I really enjoyed receiving this product, as I love to cook and I really used it to make many meals and snacks. It has a rich taste, and I like it even on plain toasted bread. Sometimes I add some marmalade on top ...

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Silicone Bibs from Baby Go-Green

If you have a baby like mine that just can't avoid making a huge mess anytime she eat something, this silicone bib are a great choice! She still make a huge mess but if she spit the food, it get caught by the bib instead of falling on her knees or clothes, and it really take less than a minute to just clean the bib. ...

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